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Wednesday, September 27, 2006

As Long As We're Talking About College

Newsweek has a civics quiz posted. The context is that people don't learn civics in college. So, go take it and see if you are a genius.

I missed one question. Oopsie! And I went to a University that required Western Civilization and American History courses. Oh yeah, and I majored in Political Science.

So, go see if you can beat the Evil HR Lady and then let me know.


evilbunnytoo said...

I missed one qusetion too - the question re government spending. I thought with the war and all, plus the provisional spending bills congress is passing and the fact the army refuses to submit its budget this year that this last year the government would have spent the most on the military. I'm still not sure that they didn't actually, but what do I know.

Bonnard said...

I got 100%! But you are still smarter than I am - I just got lucky on the two I didn't know.

Mean Aunt said...

I'm a dork. I missed three.

Steven Brockerman, MS said...

I got 100%.

But I wouldn't call most of this test, civics; I'd call it history, with some current events mixed in. Civics, as I was taught it (1966 in elementary school, 8th grade), deals with the structure & functioning of government, municipal, state & federal in the context of the Constitution.

(I was a poli-sci major once--but I'm feeling much better now.)

Military spending is a drop in the budget bucket, @300-400 billion in a 3 trillion dollar budget (not counting the 5+ trillion IOU inherent in SS).

Interestingly, military spending--per inflation--is actual less than in past decades. It has been _de_creasing.

Then there was the spending of that "peace dividend--ya'll recall--when the Soviet totalitarian empire fell and everyone thought there'd never ever again be another tyranny on Earth to threaten the USA.