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Friday, September 15, 2006

Get a Life (or a New Job)

Dear Evil HR Lady,

I hate my job. My co-workers are idiots. My boss is demanding. The work is dull and I'm underpaid. What can I do?



Dear Stuck,

Get a new job. Or increase your social life so that work doesn't take as much out of you. But, really, get a new job.

I know, I know, that wasn't the advice you wanted. People often feel trapped in their job. Getting a new one is scary. Interviewing stinks. Using all your vacation time to interview rather than lounging around on the beach in Tahiti is a pain. But, if you truly hate your job, get a new one.

There are other companies that will offer benefits and pay you a salary. Truly, there are. And if you simply can't find one, then I suggest that you are not underpaid in your current job.

Good luck with your job search!


Evil HR Lady


First Year said...

I know the advice wasn't for me but I am going to take it to heart.

I am currently the Accounts Payable Manager at a large luxury resort company. I love my job, I can work from home a lot of the time, I am in charge which is nice, but.... I am a law student! I need to get a legal job....but I don't want to make only a quarter of the money I make now. Sigh.... whats a law student to do?

BTW I love the blog, I was an accouting/HR major in undergrad and have always enjoyed the industry, but I am a money-whore so accounting it is :)

Evil HR Lady said...

Thanks for the compliment!

I suppose you need legal job because you need a clerkship if you want to get a lawyer job after you graduate. Does your company have a law department? Could you maintain your current responsibilities and work 10 hours a week in that department?

Going from being the boss to being an intern will be tough--financially and emotionally. But, just think, how much fun it will be to sue your enemies when you finish school! (I'm just kidding. And please don't sue Evil HR Lady!)