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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Happy Halloween!

Halloween is one of the best days of the years. Let's face it--it's a holiday that is about candy. What is there not to love?

There are no family obligations. No presents for picky relatives. (Not that any of my relatives are picky--especially the ones who read this blog. Love ya!) You buy a couple of pumpkins, carve 'em up and throw them on the front porch. Then you buy more candy than you should and you hand it out to adorably dressed children. (I don't much care for the 16 year olds that put on one of their dad's ties and show up at 9:30, with not so much as a word--just an outstretched hand.)

And that's it! That's Halloween.


UPDATE: I just found this article about teens who trick-or-treat. Seems I'm not the only one who is annoyed.


she said: said...

Oh no he din't.

Shouldn't he be getting a job and buying his own candy?

I think kids are definitely regressing. Not to long ago I read an article about kids who were staying in College so long they had to start fining them. Some never intended to leave, and why would them when mommy and daddy were paying?

Evil HR Lady said...

I would think so. Although I will admit, that at 14 I volunteered to take my 6 year old sister trick-or-treating so I could get candy. It worked like a charm.

I dressed up like a witch, but kept my hat in my hand. People would say how nice I was to take my sister trick-or-treating. They'd give her one piece of candy in her sack and then hand me two. I then slipped it in my upside down witch hat and went off to the next house. Ha!

she said: said...

I think 14 passes... thats barely a teenager. 17 though.. shouldn't he be a party groping girls?

It is just weird.. When I wsa 17 I wanted to be an adult.. now almost adults still want to be kids.