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Thursday, October 26, 2006

A Job For Those Who Don't Want to be Wealthy

Dancer. That's right, according to this Bankrate article" the wealthy dancer is an oxymoron.
"The vast majority of dancers cannot make a living off of dancing alone as a performer," says John Munger, director of research and information for Dance/USA, an American dance service organization. "I believe less than 3,000 actually do in the entire nation."

So why do all my friends make huge sacrifices to get develop their daughters' dancing skills? I'm not talking about dance class once a week. (I'm in favor of that--it's good exercise.) I'm talking about 4 hours of class a day. Putting dance ahead of homework.

I wonder if they know the expected payoff? I think not.


alex_slander the gr8 said...

The money doesnt start coming in until the dancing gets exotic.

Evil HR Lady said...

Ummm, good point. I somehow think those types of dancers were left out of they salary survey.

she said: said...

Alex, that was super funny!

Evil Hr Lady - because it doesn't seem right to crush a childs dream quite yet. The real world is plenty good at doing that soon enough. What parent wants to say.. listen stripperella, you are not really going to make money or become famous - so give it up. So we all pretend. Because if Britney can make it.. we all know every little girl thinks she can make it too.

FHL said...

Maybe you do it for the same reason you take so many math classes in school - because it helps you out in oblique ways.

More math usually leads to a better understanding of logic and theoretical concepts. Maybe dancing helps you develop gracefulness, coordination, that sort of thing?

I don't know, but my sister took all sorts of dance classes when she was younger, but doesn't ever dance now. She's not clumsy like me, though. =)

Evil HR Lady said...


Good point. I know that playing the piano can help you with math.

I never took dance and I'm terribly clumsy myself.