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Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Hear the Evil HR Lady!

I had the great honor of being interviewed by Wayne Turmel of the Cranky Middle Manager. The interview is now posted here.

So, pop on over and listen and then tell me what you think. Unless you didn't like it. Then pretend you are my mother and practice saying, "that was very nice, dear."


mean aunt said...

That podcast was hecka cool.

You don't sound evil in person.

she said: said...

You managed to get me to listen to the whole cast.. so that is saying something. You did well.

The interviewer however laughs at really odd times.

Evil HR Lady said...

TabithaRuth--just what would evil sound like? (I'll get you my pretty!)

She said: Thanks! I'm glad you listened to the whole thing. It was very fun to do.

Evil HR Lady said...


I'm sorry I had to delete your comment. While it was very funny (and no you aren't fired, but I am putting a note in your personnel file!), I'm a family friendly blog.

amy said...

Nice job, Evil! I listened and learned. You really know your stuff.

(Devoted reader, first time post-er).

Helen said...

Evil HR Lady,

I thought the podcast was terrific and thanks for mentioning my blog--I felt very honored.

Evil HR Lady said...


I feel honored that you listened to my podcast! I love your blog.

Anonymous said...

Great podcast! I really enjoyed it.

Anonymous said...
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