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Thursday, March 01, 2007

The Real Reason My Kitchen Floor Needs Mopping

So, it's winter. Winter means dirty snow on your shoes. This turns into dirty water on my kitchen floor. I've been blaming my dirty floor on the snow.

Then I decided I better update my blogroll with the blogs that I read. (Look to the right!) So, I did. And I had to stop because I was starting to realize that the real reason my kitchen floor needs mopping is that I spend far too much time reading blogs.

I love the blogosphere.

Of course, what I really should have put is because we're going there in a few weeks and we're still making decisions about where to stay and what to do. Suggestions are welcome. Two adults, one 3 year old princess loving offspring.


Anonymous said...

If you could, try for dinner or lunch at Cinderella's castle. You can't get any closer to a princess than that and Cinderella takes the time with each chil so it is not a quick sit down, take a picture and move on out kind of thing. The highlight for my daughter who was 5 at the time was getting the characters autographs in her autograph book. If you do, get the ones with the picture pages included. We went a year ago in April and she still looks at the autographs and pictures now. Cinderalla aside, by far, her favorite princess was Ariel who has her own little grotto you can visit her in. Have a great time!

she said: said...

What I would do is get a scooba. Then you can run it while you are packing and come back to a clean floor. Nothing sucks more than relaxing on vacation and having to come back and clean.

Funny.. I was thinking the last few days I would put a review on my site - but I haven't gotten there yet.

Thanks for the blogroll add! I really thought you were too nice to link to me.. you know - cause you are a family show, and I'm well - R rated-ish. Evil maybe, but in a nice way.

Evil HR Lady said...

Well, she-said, you rarely say bad words, but I will have to remove you if you get too many. We are Evil here, but polite. So, more bunny pictures please. And lasers. :>)

Jen S. said...

Make sure to get to the park a little before it opens to watch the opening show and then go straight to the ride she wants to ride the most and ride it a few times before the lines get long. Then you can wander later and use fast passes when the crowds get crazy. Early is better at Disney. Have fun!

FHL said...

One word: DisneyQuest (it's in Downtown Disney)

It's a video-game player's dream! (And fun for others, too!) Get this: you can design your own roller coaster, and then ride in a simulation of it! You can even go upside down!