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Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Boom! take 2


I don't know what happened to my picture yesterday. I'm trying again---because it really is a funny picture. Poor Offspring.
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TabithaRuth said...

Wow, just like the cartoons!

foculbrown said...

Great action shot!

Lisa said...

Very, very cool!

Pyrthroes said...

Didn't realize that Flyin' Imams came so young-and-innocent. But of course, the back is turned. Mayhap eine kleine Raketemensch sports a scruffy, camel-trap encrusted beard in front, plus reptilian little eyes akin to Caliph-in-waiting Ahmadinejad's. What color snow does Persia have... or did Cyrus in humiliation change the name in BC 480 at Leonidas' behest?