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Thursday, April 12, 2007

Carnival of HR--Update

First of all, a friendly reminder. The next Carnival of Human Resources will be held Wednesday, April 18. Send your HR, business, training or similar post to evilhrlady at hotmail dot com.

And our little carnival is branching out! I've gotten seven volunteers to host and, of course, I've said absolutely.

The May 2nd Carnival will be hosted by Susan Heathfield at About: Human Resources.

The May 16th Carnival will be hosted by Carmen Van Kerckhove at Race in the Workplace.

The May 30th Carnival will be hosted by Deb Owens at 8 Hours & a Lunch.

The June 13th Carnvial will be hosted by Gautam Ghosh at A Management Consultant's Blog.

The June 27th Carnival will be hosted by Kris Dunn at The HR Capitalist.

The July 11th Carnival will be hosted by Lisa Rosendahl at HR Thoughts.

The August 22nd Carnival will be hosted by Wally Bock at Three Star Leadership.

Let me know if any of the rest of you wish to host. Think of the fame and glory that will come your way! You can even put it on your resume: Hosted Carnival of Human Resources. Think of the number of job offers you can get with that!


Guru said...

What's a Carnival of Human Resources? Sounds like fun! Will there be an Human Capital Carousel, a Recruitment Roller Coaster and Disciplinary Dodgems?
Yours sincerely,

Evil HR Lady said...

I think there certainly could be. I especially like the idea of a Recruitment Roller Coaster.

Ian McKenzie said...

I'd be up for hosting a Carnival of HR.

Evil HR Lady said...

Ian--excellent, send me an e-mail.