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Thursday, July 12, 2007


Hello. I was contacting you because I wanted to know if you are in human resources at Costco. I am attending a university and I am thinking of pursing a career into human resources. I am thinking that if I do go into human resources, I would like to pursue a career at Costco. Any pointers or any advice? I need all the information I can get because I still have not made up my mind.

Ummm, no. I don't work for Costco and even if I did I wouldn't tell you. I actually let my Costco membership expire as well.

But, here is some general advice. If you want a career at Costco, go get a job there. You're in school--students are an ideal hiring population for a retail establishment. Go be a cashier or a shelf stocker or one of those people who stands at the exit and marks receipts. Anything.

There's absolutely no reason you couldn't get a job doing that. Then, finish your degree. By that time you'll know a lot more about the business and be a much more attractive candidate for Costco HR. I don't know if they have local HR in their stores or if store manager handle most employee issues with a zone or district HR person. But after working as a cashier for a year or so, you will.

Work hard and the store manager will be recommending you for the HR job. Slack off and come in late because it's just a retail job and you'll go nowhere fast.


The Engineer said...

"Slack off and come in late because it's just a retail job and you'll go nowhere fast."

Slack at Costco you will go somewhere fast - right out the door. Costco pays employees very well and even in today's tight labor market (my local one has unemployment under 3%) the number of applicants at a new Costco store far exceeded the positions available.

While not knowing the exact makeup for HR, I do know that the Store Managers are given a large degree of autonomy in running each location. At the same time the total number of staff at a store is not that great. My guess is that there is a local HR person who has other duties as well.

Anonymous said...

If you want to job at Costco, you have to log on its website and on click careers. The Costco HR Dept WILL NOT call you for employment it will be that warehouse were you applied. And one major thing you have to know as a student before you go any further is... it is MANDITORY that you have to be to work all shifts from 5am to 10pm and you cant have a life>>>kids, other jobs, fulltime student etc. it will not work out!!!! Alot of college students failed most of there classes because of their work schedule. THIS IS NOT A JOKE!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Well, I work at is very good. Remember... Costco is unionized. Yes, originally it is best that with the online application to put down "open/flexible availability" but my experience is that they will accommodate valid concerns that include family issues and school-related issues and work your life into your school schedule. Even if you have to focus on college, your job will still be there once summer comes around. Costco has some excellent "rules". To the above person who posted that " 'alot' of college students failed most of 'there' classes because of their work schedule" ( grammar is not correct from original post )... i don't see how this can be true.

Michelle said...

I am currently employed by Costco. I have worked there for 5 years, and I also go to school full time, as I have for the past 3 years (I graduate in May). Costco WILL work with your school schedule, as long as it is even remotely reasonable, meaning you still need to be available to work most evenings. It is a great job to have, and it isn't as easy to get as you may think. You will be expected to show up on time, work hard, work evenings and weekends, and be flexible. If you follow the rules, and work hard, there's no reason you shouldn't be able to move to an HR position at a regional or corporate office, when one is available. Stay on your managers' good side, because they will NOT help out an employee that they perceive to be anything short of stellar.
HR in the warehouse is generally handled by a manager who has other responsibilities as well. Their 'Admin Manager' will be able to provide you with the detailed information you need, potentially even connect you with people in the regional or corporate offices, if they think you are a good prospect.
I can't stress enough the importance of being a great employee. You will have to work very hard to stand out to management, but if you do, you will have an invaluable connection for the type of work you want.