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Thursday, August 30, 2007

Fair is Fair

Miss South Carolina was on the Today Show and re-answered the question given her at Friday's pageant.

Since I posted the video of her first answer, I think it's only fair to post the video of the second one.

She seemed quite well spoken and did a great job.


Krupo said...

You being the Evil HR lady, I assume that was some delightful sarcasm or something, right?

I direct you to this quote from the conversation surrounding the video at

"I have to disagree with you there, legacy. I bet you if you stepped in her living room, the walls would be FILLED with trophies spanning her years in these contests since preschool. The type of commitment it takes to get to the top in pageantry leaves little time for an education.

Her parents I'm sure have had to dish out thousands of dollars on voice, dance, music, and acting lessons. Oh boy I can't even imagine what they've spent on wardrobe, makeup, dental work, gowns and travel expenses!

This isn't soccer camp or cheerleading tryouts where they can tell her "Its ok as long as you have fun". This lifestyle is an investment and don't think for one minute it's anything less. These parents are looking for a return too.

I'm SURE that she's been well trained to speak in public, and she would have been fine up there if the question was on a topic she had been coached on before."

The pandering interview didn't help either.

Evil HR Lady said...


I actually do think she did a pretty good job in the interview. She probably does have a ton of trophies, but she'll probably end up making more money than you and I combined.