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Sunday, August 19, 2007

Happy Blog Birthday!

Today is the first birthday of the Evil HR Lady Blog. (The Evil HR Lady is much older than the blog.)

So to celebrate, I am listing a few of my favorite posts. Then I'm going to submit this post to Wally for the upcoming carnival. He said he wasn't accepting shameless self promotion posts, so we'll see if this makes it.

I'm Sorry, Your Services are No Longer Needed

Performance Appraisal Anxiety

Bored With Business Travel? Try Being Wealthy!

You Didn't Ask Me, But You Should Have

Performance Appraisal? Check


Affirmative Action

Why Are We Doing That?

What Happens When You Don't Take Care of Problems

Does HR Add Value

Title Mania

HR Detectives

Have fun reading!


Krupo said...

On an unrelated note, if you ever feel like checking out the DVD for Employee of the Month, there's a couple of small scenes involving the HR lady. They have an "average" woman playing her role.

The deleted scenes show a special feature... where the HR lady was played by Eva Longoria instead.

The contrast is striking. Funny that they dropped the cameo from the release version...

Jen S. said...

Happy Birthday Evil HR Lady Blog! I love to check in and read your blog - and I have nothing at all to do with HR. May you have many sarcastic years ahead full of real and relevant advice!

Michael Moore said...

Congratulations. I wonder what the terrible two's will be like? Look forward to finding out.

Evil HR Lady said...

michael--I predict lots of grabbing things from other blogs (mine!) for the terrible twos.

And maybe a few temper tantrums.

Should be fun!