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Wednesday, August 08, 2007

There is No Need for This Post


Giant Lego Man Found in Dutch Sea

I keep trying to come up with some HR related thing to say about it. I keep failing.
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Anonymous said...

He has got to be a member of some affected class, doesn't he?

Evil HR Lady said...


Anonymous said...

Yes, I would think that the Lego hands and lack of nose would substantially limit one or more major life activities, so he's protected under ADA. Also, with the yellow head and torso and the red lower body, he'll need to be reported as a member of 2 or more ethnic groups in this year's EEO-1

Anonymous said...

Hey, isn't that Gary over in Accounting??

tabitharuth said...

Ha, I just spent 200 bucks on legos this morning and then I come over here and--it must be some kind of omen. Hopefully not an Evil omen.

Evil HR Lady said...

tabitharuth, if you have over $200 to spend on Legos, you obviously have too much money. Please send some to me.