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Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Making Money or Costing Money?

The accountant lamented to the banker, "How come you make so many times what I make?" The banker responded, off handedly, "Because I make money and you cost money."

Good point. Which do you do?


The Independent Urologist said...

Thanks for the link. As a solo physician, I have played the role of evilHR person on several occasions.
Nice site you have.

Mother Jones RN said...

I make money for the hospital because patients can't take care of themselves, or at least not yet. However, I'm sure that hospitals are trying to figure out ways of making more money by cutting nurses out of the equation.

Tom O'Brien said...

Hi Evil:

Always be near the source of money if you want job security. (BTW, this is a problem with a career in HR.)

Tom O'Brien

A stung accountant said...


The Engineer said...

I work in government. There is no other way to spin it. I cost money.

Krupo said...

I decided to disagree with you this time.

I suppose I have little patience for self-important money-men and salesfolks.