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Friday, December 21, 2007

Sometimes This is What I Want to Send to People


Have you ever had one of those days, where people ask you inane questions? Of course you have. Don't you wish you could just reply with this bunny picture?

(And somebody sent this picture to me, so I did not take it. If it is your creative work, let me know and I'll either give you credit or take it down, whatever your preference may be.)
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Evil HRISguy said...

Actually, most of the questions we get in our HR dept (especially benefits) qualify for that picture!

The flipside (pun intended) is the inane answers you get to legitimate questions.

COMP MGR:"Can you tell me if that position is hourly or salaried?"

HR DIRECTOR:"no, not that I am aware of, they started working already"

bring on the bunny!

The Happy Employee said...

I've been now looking at this picture for 2 minutes and all I want to say to this bunny is:

"Buddy, it's okay. I know exactly how you feel!"

Dr. Yan said...

I can't belive how insensitve you people are! Where this bunny comes from all creatures great and small wear pancakes on thier heads before they venture out into public. It is part of their heritage and considered a birth right in Pancakia. In, fact I think you should pull this post down immediately before you enrage some of the other folks from Pancakia. I just hop Imus doesn't see this.

Tom O'Brien said...

Good Morning Evil:

(I just love saying that!) Nice picture - looks like it comes from the perennial Top 5 wordpress blog -

Tom O'B

Job Chick said...

Oh my god, I love icanhascheezburger....bainao.

Anonymous said...

I can has cheezburger is a genius site. I visit daily.

DrinkingTea said...

This was my desktop background at work last year until I changed it for a nice autumn scene.

another hr rep said...

A little late, but this picture is from a Japanese site, whose owner had many pictures of this bunny with random items on him. Sadly the bun passed away. I can't recall the name of the bunny, but he was quite the internet celebrity.

Productivity Guy said...

Cracks me up!

Anonymous said...

Like all things, there is a Wikipedia page about the rabbit with sundry links to information.