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Thursday, March 13, 2008

The Wisdom of Dave

In my post about slow hiring, everybody made tons of brilliant comments. Really. They did. And made me see that many companies suffer from these problems.

However, my favorite comment was from Dave Ferguson. He wrote:
I'm developing a Decision Duration Factor, in which the speed (and possibly wisdom) of a decision varies inversely with the number of levels involved in the decision.

Dave, I would like to say that you are correct and I will support your theory about wisdom. (I'm also so glad you posted a few comments, because I love your blog. Now, go update it.)

Man, I hate it when suddenly all these layers of leadership begin to assert themselves. The result is never good. Shut up and let those who know what they are doing do their jobs.


Andy Lester said...

EHL: Do you have anything to say about the curious practice of VPs having to have a quick 10-minute interview with the candidate? I suspect you do, and it's not gonna be positive, but would love to hear if it is.

I'm baffled by the process where the hiring manager must run the candidate past his grandboss. Does the grandboss have some magical skill to say "Whoa, this guy will be awful here!?" Or is it just to keep the grandboss' fingers in the pie?

Dave Ferguson said...

Thanks for your kind words about my blog. I'm sorry to have been remiss in posting. As explanation, though not excuse, you might reread this post, with special attention to paragraph two.