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Friday, May 23, 2008

I'm Alive

We celebrated the new creature's one week birthday by him being awake at the time of his birth (3:37 a.m.). Sigh.

But, I am alive and I intend to resume blogging. Even though I'm operating on a serious lack of sleep, I feel so much better now and should be considerably less crabby.

Thanks for all your kind wishes and thoughts. Now, if you could all wish for him to realize that day=awake and night=sleep, that would be swell.


Anonymous said...

Dear EHR,

Continued creature congrats.

Here's the thing: In two hours, our 25 year-old daughter will parachute in from her Manhattan lair to "spend the weekend."

Would you send her an email so that she will realize that day=awake and night=sleep?

Or better yet, we'll send her over to watch the new creature while we all go out.

Enjoy him. Some day he'll be 25:-)

Vitriolic Virchow said...

That's what scotch is for. You or him, matters not.

deb said...

sorry for the delayed congratulations....but CONGRATULATIONS!!!

all the best!