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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Carnival of HR Reminder

There has been some serious slacking in the Carnival world and we don't want to get bad performance reviews because of it.

If you hurry up and make a submission, you just might make today's carnival at Sharp Brains. Send an e-mail to alvaro at sharpbrains dot com.


deb said...

While I don't always submit anymore.....I don't think people know where it's being held the next time. (No mention at sharp brains....and while I might not fall in the category anymore....I used to get notifications or emails or knew where the carnival was being held each time....)

This might be helpful in future.

Just a thought.
All the best!

Productivity Guy said...

Hi Deb,

There was an ad hoc "mailing list," but since mid-August no one has been using it. I'm guessing that some of the sites who are hosting the HR Carnival have not been included on the list, so they don't know it exists. Or they just forgot.