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Friday, July 17, 2009

New Policy

When I'm put in charge of employee policy, I'm definitely adding this poster to the handbook. And posting it next to the cafeteria.

Edited to add that my brilliant German speaking readers have translated the poster for me (I'm still learning "Das Auto ist Blau.") and it is an anti women's suffrage poster, not an anti nose picking poster. I still want to use the poster, I'll just remove the political language. Although incidentally women's suffrage is very recent on Switzerland.

Definitely no nose picking at work.


Anonymous said...

Can you translate, for those of us who took Spanish in high school?

Michelle said...

My German is a little rusty, but this appears to be a poster against women's rights to vote. Did I miss something? Why would this be added to the handbook/posted in the cafeteria? I don't know what that bottom sentence means, so maybe I'm wrong?

Evil HR Lady said...


I have no idea what it says (other than no!), but no, with the nose picking sees to be a great message.

Anonymous said...

It is, indeed, a poster against women's suffrage in Switzerland (the title basically says "Suffrage, No!".

This link:

Translates the caption as "Mommy, when are you coming home?"

The long history of securing full voting rights for women in Switzerland is laid out here. 1971!

The Engineer said...

Anonymous 9:01 has it right.

More literally it is:
Frauen - Women
Stimm - Vote
Recht - Right

Rather than the general employee handbook I'd vote to use it in a diversity manual.

Anonymous said...

I second the no nose picking at work... I got to listen through a manager sitting next to me complain to her team that she was trying to get one that was just out of the way. It was gross and unprofessional.

icyglaze said...

Hey Suzanne,

Not sure if you've already found the awesomeness that is Beolingus yet, but this is the German/English dictionary I used and loved when I did my minor in German. :)

You can look up idioms and such on it too. :D

Evil HR Lady said...


No, I hadn't found that yet. Thank you! Idioms are killers.