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Friday, August 21, 2009

Time Card Trouble

What do you do when your people won't fill out their time cards? Head to US News's On Careers and check out my response, then leave your own.


Reality Rounds said...

I wish I would have found your blog sooner! I could give you an HR question a week. I have the envious position of being sort of "middle management." I am a staff nurse, educator, and unofficial manager. I get all the responsibilities of management, without the title.

Here is my question: Staff members often ask me to be a reference for them if they are applying to other jobs etc. I have always given the references, but only good ones. I will not give a reference if I feel the employee, ya know, sucks. My direct supervisor heard me on the phone giving a (good) reference for a former colleague we used to work with. She made me put the caller on hold, while she preceded to yell at me. She told me I could not ever give personal references for any reason. I must ALWAYS just transfer the caller to HR. My supervisor then preceded to tell me that our hospital could be held liable by the other hospital if the employee I gave a reference for turns out to be a dud. I think this is bull. I believe there is no threat of liability for giving a good reference for a employee. What do you think?

Kent said...

Not paying on "payday" is a violation of the federal FLSA (when "payday" is depends on state law). It's a minimum wage (and possibly overtime) violation. Plus, your exempts might now be "non-exempt."

California law also prohibits (and penalizes) late payments, even if a timecard is not turned in.

Not paying on the established payday is a legally risky procedure for any employer.

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mj said...

you know what I found is a big plus when showing up for interviews? being white

Matt said...

mj: Then you appear to be interviewing with the wrong companies. I've worked in HR for five years, and EVERY company I've work with is looking for as many qualified minority candidates as they can find. They claw through college fairs, minority filled organizations, minority rich universities, professional organizations, everywhere they can.

Diversity isn't just a tag line in industry. In most companies of medium or large size, there are entire divisions devoted to ethnic diversity, and they concentrate on talent acquisition.

Anonymous said...

yeah matt and did you hear we are going to end poverty as we know it.