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Friday, March 19, 2010

A Quality Candidate

I love medical blogs. Dr. Grumpy got a patient who was also looking for a job.

Watch out, this same lady is probably applying to jobs in your office.


~Me said...

Thanks for the lead on a new blog to read! I love it!

Greg said...

Reminds me of an interviewee I had.
Me: "So, tell me about your last job."
Him: "They fired me because I hurt my back on the job and sued the company. Do you have workers comp?"
Me: "Thank you for your time..."

kim. said...

ditto to what TigerTrails said - I am hooked on Dr. Grumpy's blog now! Thanks!

Suzanne Lucas said...

I love Dr. Grumpy.

Lynette Allen said...

Hi Evil HR Lady! Love Dr Grumpy - thanks for pointing us in the direction, great post isn't it!