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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Great Advice from Women Bloggers

One of my BNET colleagues wrote about how women give the worst career advice. Ummm, no. Some of my favorite bloggers are women who give great career advice. I wrote my response here.

I included advice from Susan at About Human Resources, Alison at Ask a Manager, Lisa at Simply Lisa and Shauna at HR Minion. All great advice givers.


Ask a Manager said...

Thank you!! Loved the line over there about eschewing advice from all women :)

Jonathan said...

What? Was your colleague high when they wrote that?

Jonathan said...

I just read through the blog post (yours and Ms. Trunk's). Did you notice that a blogger who gets her career advice from men then tells women not read books written by men because men won't give good advice for women?

Blogger, heal thyself!

Evil HR Lady said...

Jonathan, I agree. I would say something else, but I never speak uncharitably of my co-workers.