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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Working with Idiots Can Kill You!

I always suspected this to be true. Of course, there is no Lindbergh University, nor did anyone do this study, but I fully believe it. I mean, death from head injuries sustained after beating your head against the wall must be at least a leading cause of emergency room visits, if not death.

I know more than a few HR people who have been driven to insanity (or at least accounting) by some of the people we've dealt with.

And, I blatantly lifted this from Dr. Grumpy

(Yes, people, this is just a joke. See the Snopes article.


Anonymous said...

I couldn't agree more! It is so frustrating dealing with people who are morons and can't handle anything or do anything for themselves!

Anonymous said...

I couldn't agree more too! Those HR people are driving me to insanity! ;)

AMIT said...

Nice and yes we should not work with idiots.

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Robin Henry said...

Yes, yes, yes. The saddest thing is that there seems to be more and more idiots.

As an HR specialist, adult educator etc, my number one hate is "managers" who couldn't organise sex in a brothel. They manage by watching and waiting and fighting the inevitable fire that results in their inactivity. Why is is that hardly anyone seems to pick up an introduction to management text or better still, do a formal course in management?

All I seem able to do is set an example of good work (I hope) and hope that someone will follow my example.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like TXT Marine and Land in Slidell. The HR Department is led by a monster and her hinch winch.

Anonymous said...

hey, I'm just happy to have a job. I mean I'd have to move out of town... to somewhere I've never heard of..

bilalmujtabakhan said...

I think that human are unpredictable and cannot remains the same,
they all have different backgrounds,different thinking,different perception etc,
But what is the solution of this problem,can it be cured?? big question mark?
Right but there is no problem without a solution,i=and you can overcome it in many ways but the thing is that if you really want to change,because without accepting the change you cannot bring the change.
Understand the difference and come on to commonalities
Give time to each other,have patients,
Tip no 3
Try understand what are the perceptions behind,

Believe we are all the same under one sky,same air ,all made of Soul,All have some patients,all have some hates,
Because its also common in us


bilalmujtabakhan said...

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proper workforce management can make the difference.

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