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Wednesday, June 02, 2010

5 Ways to Screw Up Your Career

There are lots of ways to be successful. But there are a few ways that are almost guaranteed to destroy your career. I discuss 5 Ways to Screw Up Your Career over at BNET.


bilalmujtabakhan said...

Marvelleous things to know about it.
I think that these things are the oceans on there on and cant be explained in scarce time.
But thing is that stop reading and start doing,and practicing it,and sooner or latter and you will achieve your task


HR Key Functions said...

There are many other ways to destroy your career. Once you found a great place to work, you should try every day to be the best in your field, to create a good work environment, to be a good teamplayer...
Every person "brings" his temper to work and besides good results and achievements one should try and figure a proper work attitude.

Pat Wood said...

Really great stuff to know, though some of the points (#4 & #5 esp) seem like common courtesy, follow the golden rule and you should be good to go. The others people might not know intuitively and it's really great that this article points them out.

bilalmujtabakhan said...

Quite help discussion is going on,Thanks to all the participants.
I have crossed through with the multiple companies in my life,and in this small experiments of my life ,i have noticed that the politics in the work place always there,that is quite enough to ruin your career in days not in weeks.
So how to get rid of this thing,any help please