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Monday, June 14, 2010

Is Networking Dead?

Dear Evil HR Lady,

I have been on the search for over 8 months. I know business inside and out and was once president of a company. I can’t get a job at a lower level. I know what I’m doing, but, I’m starting to wonder about “networking.” I wonder, could it just be the new buzzword? Do any of you realize that there are virtually no jobs available in this economy, and talking to those of you have jobs is not going to make more of them appear?

This is coming from a person who has also fired, laid off and hired thousands, like you. I am beginning to become very, very frustrated hearing this very tired statement about networking. We are networking to talk about about potential jobs that are simply not available, in industries that have been shipped over seas. In the meantime, the money has run out. Until some job creation happens, there are no jobs to network about. I have networked with so many people, that all my friends and networks of friends are beginning to think its just sad.

I am beginning to wonder if anyone else is feeling the same way out there, or am I just a crazy old guy out here?

So, Is Networking Dead?


garima said...

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Amy said...

I started to question the value of networking, too, after 10 months unemployed. Just when I started to get really frustrated with it, though, a networking email hit my inbox from a former colleague who was looking to hire someone with my background. Within a week I had a job offer. Hang in there - it will happen!

Sergey Gorbatov said...

what do people normally use their networks for? wrong!!! the only purpose for you to use your (hopefully) developed net of social connections is to get information. once you start approaching your friends, ex-colleagues, friends, lovers and random strangers with phrases like "could you help...?", the value is eroded. try it, it works. information search and then channel your energy into the indicated direction. do not forget to show some gratitude to your contact (chocolate helps too).

Sergey Gorbatov said...

Some of my earlier blogs on networking:

Anonymous said...

Don't give up! When everyone kept telling it is all about networking these days-I went crazy and created accounts on facebook and LinkedIn etc. Well almost six month of unemployment..I have only had one lead! Read this article it is from last year but it makes sense:

"the people getting hired aren't necessarily the most connected - they're the most" creative

Lynette Allen said...

I just think this is an amazing article - to the point, straight talking and an awful lot of good sense - what a great read first thing in the morning - thank you Evil HR lady!
Lynette Allen, The Womens Coaching

justin locke said...

thanks for that article, very good stuff. to the original poster, may i offer my commiseration. i have no magic bullet, but i do believe if you step out of the usual resume roulette and draw attention to yourself there is some hope of connecting to people outside your network. I know one guy who did a blog post comparing and critiquing the websites of all his top ten prospective employers. he got noticed.

is perhaps good to remember that just about everyone is understaffed and overworked these days. no one has everything they need right now, and that's something to pitch to.