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Monday, June 28, 2010

Should I Ask For More Money?

Dear Evil HR Lady,

I accepted a low-ball offer and after I got off the phone I immediately called the HR person back to try to negotiate. I left a message telling them I had some further questions, but they haven't returned my phone call in 4 days.

I received the offer letter but haven't signed it yet. Do I have any recourse? Can I try to renegotiate or would that be in bad taste?

I have until Friday to go in a sign employment papers. What should I do?

Should I ask for more money?

1 comment:

Charles said...

There is nothing wrong with asking for more money.

However; timing is everything. In this case an offer has already been accepted; to go back now and ask for more money will be seen, at best, as "flaky." Not a good way to start any job. You know, first impressions and all.