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Friday, July 02, 2010

My Micro-Managing Boss and I Share an Office

Dear Evil HR Lady,

I need your advice. I work for a small non-profit performing arts company. I am in an entry level position. My problem is that I share an office with another associate and our manager. 3 people + 1 small space = lots of frustration. My boss tends to micromanage, asking several times a day "what are you working on?" even just after she's assigned me a project. Her mood tends to set the tone for our office - if she's sighing a lot, we'd better shut up and fast, even if we are supposed to be on the phone. Her tense moods permeate our office in such a way that co-workers from other departments will ask if everything is okay. It's that palpable.

Her particular ticks and quirks abound, but my question is, how do I deal? I've been here for a year and enjoy many of my other colleagues. I want to improve our working environment. Is there a polite, non-threatening way to tell her to chill out/calm down/give me a little space? I constantly feel like I'm under a microscope and it doesn't help that she rarely takes breaks or vacations: she is always at work. I want a chance to work independently and sort out an issue, but in this environment I feel totally stifled. What can I do or say towards improvement? Is there a whole new way of approaching my work that will alleviate this frustration?

How can I handle my micro-managing boss?


Rodolphe Mortreuil said...

Please note the link isn't working.

Evil HR Lady said...

Thanks! All fixed.

nisha said...

This article simply ROCKS ! That was a great read for me. keep it up with all the good work..

Tunde said...

Dear writer,
I can understand how you feel, I have been in this same position for almost a year now, In my own case, I left an environment where I could function independently.
I guess, there is little or nothing you may be able to do about the attitude of your boss, If she has been like that for a while, don;t expect her to change her behavior. For me, my hopes is for a change of office.