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Friday, July 23, 2010

Should I Ask for a Job Interview?

I'm doing an out of town job search and the recruiter from one of my target companies finally called me to schedule an interview. I am paying for my own plane ticket to get to the interview. This is a large hospital so they have applicant tracking software that allows you to see what you status is.. (not qualified, under review, referred to hiring manager, etc).

I have several positions that have been "referred to hiring manager" but no interviews have been scheduled. Would it be bad form to ask the recruiter to inquire with said managers as to whether or not they might be interested in interviewing me while I am in town?

I don't want to screw this up, but it would be nice if I could meet with more than one department while I am there.

Should I Ask for a Job Interview?


Ian Mondrow said...

I personally would suggest doing a online conference first with the hiring manager. Using Skype and web-cameras, you can still have a personable interview. This will allow the managers to determine if it is worth your time to visit.

I feel as an out of state candidate, both the recruiting and hiring manager will appreciate your innovation and sensitivity to time.

working girl said...

If you're going to be in town anyway, I think it's fair enough to ask for an interview. Why miss the opportunity? At worst they say no and you thank them for their time.

Student6 said...

I think it's a great idea for you to reach out to the recruiter to discuss the other positions you applied for. Since the recruiter understands the skills these other positions entail and knows your skills and experience, he/she may be able to speak with the Managers of some other positions that may be a good fit and help schedule an interview while you are there. Traveling for an interview can be very costly therefore it would be beneficial to you to see if you could set up another interview with a position that you feel you are interested in and have the qualifications for. Good luck!