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Friday, August 13, 2010

My HR Department Bullies Employees

Bullies, unfortunately, don't disappear after elementary school. When you run into an entire department devoted to bullying, what do you do?

My HR Department Bullies Employees

Illustration by Chesi - Fotos CC, Flickr cc 2.0


Class factotum said...

My dad was in the air force. He once had a truly incompetent civil service secretary. He couldn't fire her because she was civil service. So he took away all her work. She sat there 8 hours a day, doing nothing. She finally quit.

Anonymous said...

I would suggest the writer access any EAP program that's available as a means of coping with such a toxic situation. I find it perplexing that such people are given autonomy in creating terrible work enviroments - Who are these psychopaths? How do they sleep at night? She should keep a low profile, her nose clean and use whatever connections she has to secure another job.

Mike said...

Many states have whistleblower laws that can be used to take care of situations like this. I reported a boss that was forging time cards, and she was gone in a very short time.

Anonymous said...

I like your suggestion on how the employee should handle the 'disrespect' issue. It's not a tactic that would've occurred to me, probably because I would be too busy being defensive.

Anonymous said...

If you go with the bullies, you will find yourself being another brick in the wall.