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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

The Interviewer Said I Have the Job, But No Offer Has Appeared

Dear Evil HR Lady,

I’m currently unemployed, but I interviewed with a past colleague heading a new company department. I was told after the interview that “they wanted me” and I just had to talk to a couple of other guys. At that interview the guys seemed like they were indifferent. They were preoccupied and knew little about me. After the interview, I was told by HR that I was it and they stopped looking for others. I was also told that although I would start as a Senior Art Director, that would be fast-tracked to Associate Creative Director.

I would be contacted that evening or the next day. Two days later, I finally make contact and things have stalled. They have to assess the skills of ALL of the candidates to determine the right mix. And they thank me for my patience.

They know I am looking at another company and ask me to keep her informed so she can keep the team informed. A couple of days later I get an update that they should know more about next steps this Wednesday. I am wondering are they considering another candidate OR are they considering a restructure of the department to take advantage of getting me or am I not going to get the role due to extenuating circumstances?

What’s the best play?

The Interviewer Said I Have the Job, But No Offer Has Appeared


QuestionAuthority said...

My advice is to keep looking for work until you have a job for certain. Keeping you hanging on like this is unprofessional and unreasonable, IMHO.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

It sounds to me like they are being wishy washy about making a hiring decision. They may be split over who to make the job offer to. You should definitely keep pursuing other opportunities.
You might want to consider calling them and telling them that you have another job offer, and need to get back to the other company by the end of the week. You will know the truth at that time if they intended to make an offer to you. If you are the "right" candidate for them, they won't want to risk losing you. Good luck.

Jean said...

Don't mind this at all just go on looking for other opportunities, they maybe stupidly wasting your time.

Angie Echoles said...

Don't put all your eggs in one basket. Keep on moving forward.

Laura Shotts said...

I would definitely not count on their word and keep looking for another job, they probably tell all of the candidates the same thing until they decide who they want to hire.

Anonymous said...

Move on. Chances are this is their way of letting you down. Not very professional I would agree. How many times have you followed up with them? How long since your interview. Most companies prepare an offer package together within 7-10 days. Much more than that is pretty rare. What is the other job offer - is it comparable. use your gut in making this decision. If they drag feet in making offers, chances are this is how raises promotions etc. are practiced at this business as well.

Bashir said...

It is not professional to keep you suspended but always have plan B you never know what will happen.expect the best but at same time prepare for the worst.Go on and search for alternatives.

Stephen Spencer said...

I believe that you do not have the job. First your friend should be in constant contact with you, and I believe with the article that if they had decision making power, you'd be at your desk already.

Perhaps let them know that you just received another offer and you have 5 business days to decide. Give them a deadline to make an offer to you, and after that date, withdraw.

It sucks, but it also sounds like you are wasting time.