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Monday, December 20, 2010

And the winner is...

Azure! Azure was chosen by the random number generator on which generates random numbers, should you ever need one.

Azure, send me your contact information ( and I'll connect you with the Shabby Apple People.

Thank you everybody for entering. This generated a seriously awesome list of bad advice. I'm glad I said the winner would be chosen randomly because I couldn't possibly have chosen the best (worst?) bad advice.

This will probably be my last post here for a couple of weeks, as we're off to Oman and Dubai to be warm at Christmas. Have I mentioned how awesome it is to live in Switzerland? No way could you take a quick trip from Pennsylvania to Oman. I do have 3 posts scheduled over at BNET, but I can't link to them until they go live. You'll all be too busy with holiday cheer anyway.


G said...

Thanks for having the contest EHRL! Those are cute dresses on Shabby Apple. I hope you do another contest again sometime.

Congrats Azure!

Suzanne Lucas said...

I hope I can do another contest as well. If some business wants to give away their product, I shall.

And I love Shabby Apple dresses too, although I don't own any. The bathing suits look cute.

Elizabeth West said...

I enjoy the blog. Have a good Christmas and a safe trip, Suzanne! :)

Azure said...

Thank you so much, Suzanne!

I just emailed you. I've been reading your blog for years, and it has been VERY helpful for me. I love reading what you have to say. I never, EVER win anything, so it's really cool that I did!