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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Best Resume Ever

Ever since Kerry at Clue Wagon stopped doing Tales of the Clue Free, I've been sad and looking for a replacement. I mean, I want to hear about Clue Free candidates without having to, you know, start recruiting again.

And so yesterday I found the best resume ever. The blogger, Misadventures in HR also included a handy guide so you, too, can write a resume like this. Here are some of her helpful hints:
Next, you'll need to elaborate on your previous experience. Lengthy stream-of-conscious paragraphs are preferred. If you really want to stand out, make sure you use a few different fonts and font sizes. In Sand Land, this signifies to the an employer that you are a veritable expert in MS Word - sticking to one font is the hallmark of the novice who is ignorant of the fact that multiple fonts exist. Discerning use of the Comic Sans font is a sure fire way to get yourself noticed.

I will dutifully warn that there are some words which I would squidlip-ify. But, I doubt that warning will deter anyone other than my mother.


Kerry Scott said...

That is fantastic.

Every so often I miss having a real paycheck...but then the HR blogosphere reminds me why I really would just rather be broke.

AS said...

I suppose it's your calling card. And, despite all the info, it is still anonymous(ish) But, When you get in the door, they see that you are a middle-aged white male and your chances just got cut in half because of hiring my numbers instead of merit.


Interview Question Asked said...

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