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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Can You Make a Bad Employee (or Boss) Better?

Dear Evil HR Lady,

Do good managers really have the ability to fix bad employees? In my experience, the only person I have the power to change is myself. This happens to be the same person I least want to change.

Can You Make a Bad Employee (or Boss) Better?


Anonymous said...

Go Mrs Nelson--6th grade teacher extraordinaire.

Lavanya said...

Dear Evil HR Lady,

In my opinion, Its not an easy task to change a bad employee, though you are a very good boss. The best way to handle a bad employee is to ignore him or take him out of the picture.

Alternative Manager said...

Bad team members are there to be exploited. You should prize these guys - they do not represent a threat and have all kinds of useful purposes.

Consider the purposes of your team members more carefully before regarding anyone as "bad".