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Friday, May 13, 2011

How To Fire a Toxic Employee

Dear Evil HR Lady,

Quick and dirty version, we have a long term employee that is soooo cranky! She talks down to people, demeans them, and everyone, even the executive director is afraid of her. Her superior attitude shuts down all discussion and we are actually supposed to be a really creative and collaborative organization.

I was just brought into the true seriousness of the issue and feel she should be let go. We have already lost 2 employees as a direct result of her, and the way she is tip-toed around makes our management look weak. We are meeting with her next week and putting on 30 day notice. It will be a surprise to her, because she feels she is the star employee of the organization.

I’m wondering if you know of any resources to provide her with, rather than just telling her no one wants to work with her and she is severely impacting our ability run a successful organization. It’s pretty sucky to have to tell someone that they are just not liked. Are there any change your attitude type books or improvement programs you would recommend? I’m not patient enough to actually want to work on it, but the Exec director wants to be sure she is given every chance (which she already has been given, plus!).

How To Fire a Toxic Employee


Valerie Iravani said...

Get her started on EAP in counseling before she leaves, and she can continue to take advantage of the service until her free sessions are over. Also, recommend that she meeting with HR and get specific feedback on her specific behavior and the results to the company.

Andy Lester said...

How to fire a toxic employee? Quickly.

Regina Zajac, PHR said...

Lost two employees already because of her, manager tip-toe ing around her. How much are you going to take? Why has this gone on so long? Check your documentation and get rid of her!!!

EWA private network said...

why do we need to fire toxic employee?

Amuthan said...

Because they can poison the business.