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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

I Got Laid Off. What Does the Company Owe Me?

Dear Evil HR Lady,

I just got laid off. I had a signed agreement that the company reimburses tuition for grades of C or higher, but I’m in the middle of a class. Are they still required to pay it? What about relocation costs? My agreement was that I would have to repay if I quit in less than 2 years, and it’s only been 18 months. Are they going to come after me for that? How much severance should I expect?

I Got Laid Off. What Does the Company Owe Me?


Anonymous said...

You might want to proofread this entry again. I must have counted 10-12 pretty glaring errors.

Suzanne Lucas said...

Wow, 10-12 is a lot, even for me. I usually only make 1-2 glaring errors in any given post.

Be a helpful chap and point them out to me, as obviously I didn't see all of them.

I did change a your to a you're, so that's one. 9-11 more! Do tell.