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Thursday, May 05, 2011

Workplace "Rights" That You Don't Have

You know your rights as an employee, right? In many cases, wrong. Here are some "rights" that actually don't exist. Find out what they are before you pitch your fit.

Workplace "Rights" That You Don't Have

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Anonymous said...

Such cultural differences!So many of these are rights in the UK (and much of Europe).

Wrongful termination: after a year (likely to rise to 2), you can bring a claim for unfair dismissal if the dismissal hasn’t been handled properly (and summary dismissal is possible only in certain circumstances).
Right to see the file: yup, under the Data Protection act. Some exemptions, but the average employee can request their file (there can be a charge) and it has to be produced in a certain period of time.
Breaks: again, yes! Working time regulations mean a 20 minute break for a shift of 6 hours or over, although this can be unpaid.
Hostile environment: bullying can end up with a claim of constructive dismissal in a tribunal.
Right to work: this isn’t spelt out, and non-compete clauses are valid. But if they are too restrictive then they can be easily overturned.