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Friday, July 01, 2011

And The Winners Are

The winners of the stupidest title are:

Michelle with her "Decision Support Professional."

TheAssistant with "Outreach and Communications Guru." Any title with "Guru" in it, is a bad one.

And Anonymous with the "Large and Complex Team Leader."

It was really, really, hard to choose and I thank you all. I wanted to include the Dam Supervisor from Tales of a Young Recruiter, but it actually is a very good title. Now I want to go work for a HydroElectric plant so I can be Dam HR Manager.

Michelle, The Assistant and Anonymous (the large and complex one), send your addresses to and I will send you your official Swiss Chocolate!

Thanks to everyone who participated. I love you all.


Job Search said...

Hey Suzanne1 even if you are the evil hr, i still find you nice lol...

ACU Frank said...

You definitely picked the right winner... "Decision Support Professional" had me laughing!