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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Why Companies Won't Hire the Unemployed

It's easier to find a job when you have a job. Some companies are taking this principle to the extreme and excluding the unemployed. Here's why.

Click here to read Why Companies Won't Hire the Unemployed


Mike C. said...

So hiring managers are generally lazy and have no perspective on what happens in the real world. Awesome!

MJ Acharya said...

I have found the practice of excluding the unemployed from job opportunities really unsettling. So much so that I started - the first job search website to ban ads that exclude the unemployed. I think that until Federal Legislation is passed to solve this issue of exclusionary hiring practices, someone had to take a stand! Thanks Evil HR Lady for helping me get the word out!

Michellenk said...

Singapore's unemployment rate estimates to 5%, and it favors job seekers, as it the market trend now. Older workers are also given opportunities to contribute to the economic growth.

Good skilled people should be given the upper level to re-enter into the workforce to sustain unemployment and recession.

Ryan H.P. Miller said...
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