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Friday, September 09, 2011

Guns at Work: Should You Be Able To Defend Yourself?

If a gunman appeared where you work, would your company policy allow you to fight back? Should it?

To read more click here: Guns at Work: Should You Be Able To Defend Yourself?


Anonymous said...

Most of the workplace rules banning firearms are for fear of liability--if the company allows firearms and someone gets hurt, there might be liability. It makes the insurers happy.

As the Supreme Court has ruled, in the United States the police have no dutyto protect anyone. You are on your own. (2005 Castle Rock v. Gonzalez). Knowing this, I would carry. If there would be a justified shooting, I would not dream of firing the employee.

Rick said...

I understand the need and value of company policies (I have over 30 years of HR Leadership/Management experience), but sometimes the need for common sense prevails and this man is a true hero who probably saved several lives.

Anonymous said...

Most businesses are located on private property. If the business owner allows it, then I don't see any problem. If the owner does NOT allow it, any 2nd Amendment argument is irrelevant.

Class factotum said...

transformation into "Evil RW Lady."

Of course, this just makes me love you more.

Suzanne Lucas said...

Class factotum, I live to serve you, so I'll write some more Evil RW stuff.

In all actuality, I'm a free market capitalist and strict constitutionalist which all translates into mainly Libertarianism, but not a Ron Paul fan.

Although I just took a political orientation test and it put me in the libertarian camp, but closer to the center than I would have thought.

Class factotum said...

I like that even better! Not just because of the philosophy itself but also because it still drives some people crazy. And it's fun to drive some people crazy.

Ask a Manager said...

Libertarian(ish) here! I guess I should have guessed that about you too.

Suzanne Lucas said...

All the really cool kids are libertarian(ish). I'm not hardcore, but generally think people should be responsible for themselves.

I figured you had a liberatarian streak in you with your last job, and your brilliant advice.