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Friday, October 07, 2011

My HR Person Is Gossiping About Me

You told something to your HR person in confidence and now everyone in the company knows. What can you do about it?

To read the answer, click here: My HR Person is Gossiping About Me.


Anonymous said...

Just one more illustration of why employees can never trust HR people (sorry Suzanne). Because in smaller companies almost anyone off the street can work in HR, it's just not reasonable to assume any level of confidentiality or professionalism there. In some companies they might be more trustworthy, but you don't know until you tell them something.

Another Evil HR Director said...

There is no question that the "HR" person in this case behaved inappropriately and unprofessionally. However, it is ridiculous to assume that all HR people behave similarly. I resent this assumption intensely. I have never behaved in this manner, nor do I know of any of my colleagues over the years who have done so. I'm truly sorry the original poster experienced this situation and agree she should report it to a higher level manager.

I find it quite interesting that many people who post on here and other sites criticize HR for being cynical and assuming that all employees will be lying, cheating slackers when faced with a few who actually are, but then make the same broad assumption about all HR professionals when faced with a few who behave unprofessionally or don't do their jobs as expected.

nhnndfkfd said...

It is very necessary for HR manager to prove himself trust worthy and role model for his employees

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Anonymous said...

"it is ridiculous to assume that all HR people behave similarly. I resent this assumption intensely"

You can resent it, but unfortunately there are a lot of HR horror stories out there. If HR people really want the respect of professionals then they need to start acting like them. That means standards, filters, and codes of conduct. I would think that some sort of certification would be in order too (and I mean required, just like us engineers have to get a minimum of a bachelors degree to prove we're engineers). As long as anyone off the street can hold one of these positions of trust then you can expect the disdain of others at the company. HR people should be coming down HARD on any HR person that abuses their position.

nhnndfkfd said...


Vinod Bidwaik said...

Yes. The problem is with qualification. Now a days anybody can goes in HR. There should be some minimum qualification for HR like accountants, or engineers do have, at least for sensible position. There are people in HR who even don;t know basic of HR.

Another Evil HR Director said...

I seriously doubt that any significant number of employers hire "anybody" in an HR position. And actually, there are qualifications, there are certifications available (PHR, SPHR, GPHR, through the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) and many employers require that certification for HR positions. By the way, SHRM is an international organization.

Sure, there are very small employers who can't afford a separate HR department or position and those companies may be deficient in knowledge of employment law. But suggesting that there are people in HR who are "just anybody" and "don't know anything" is a bit ridiculous. But maybe some of you are just trolling.

Suzanne Lucas said...

I think people have one bad experience with HR (and that bad experience can be because HR was doing what was required by law and by company policy) and think all HR people are idiots.

An HR person who gossiped like the one in the question should be fired. I can't jump through the computer and fire her, but she would have been fired had she worked for any company I worked for.

There are, though, IMHO, times when the head of HR has no experience--like when HR reports into Finance--and the finance person starts making decisions instead of relying on his experts.

HR Software said...

If you told something great about yourself prove it to them. Some HR Personnel just love gossiping about employees because they know all about them. Never trust one.

Anonymous said...

There are very few jobs that have education and experience mandated by law to gain entry. Calling yourself an MD may actually, by law, require that you completed medical school. But beyond the medical and legal fields? Not so much.

Therefore, I have met, and hired with the full consent of hiring management: accountants who are not CPAs (or even have degrees) and engineers who are not certified (or even have degrees).

Yes: just 'anybody' was allowed to balance a ledger.

It's horse hockey to complain that some lack of organized professional standards caused this confidentiality breach. Lack of professionalism caused it.