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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Is that Job Posting a Lie?

Dear Evil HR Lady,

I recently applied for a Career Counselor/Coordinator position. I received a phone interview on a Friday as a preliminary to the in-person. During the conversation the interviewer admitted that it was more of a case manager position. That following Monday the position was retitled and re-posted as a Case Manager. This also happened previously when another agency posted an ad for an Office Manager, and during the interview I discovered that they really wanted an Payroll-HR/Office Manager. Both were non-profits, but is this the normal now? I thinking of withdrawing my candidacy for the former scenario because something just smells dishonest. Your thoughts?

So, Is That Job Posting a Lie?


Unknown said...

that happens a lot if:
- there is little communication between the business and HR and the recruiters cannot properly articulate the business requirements;
- it is a start-up and the roles are not clearly defined;
- it is a project role, and again the JD can be a bit fuzzy.
What you can do is either research what the company is about and maybe try LinkedIn to do some intelligence work, make a cold call or just stop by... what do you lose?

Anonymous said...

As the (entire) HR Department at a small non-profit, this sounds very familiar. I have had to change and re-post many job ads over the last 2 years, and some of EHRL's scenarios are right on. I'd also add that, at non-profits, it's often about the talents of the individual rather than the job description. The previous Office Manager may, indeed, have been handling payroll because s/he had the skills to take on that task. It may not have been a responsibility original to that role or in the job description. They probably just didn't do an audit of the position before they made the original posting.