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Friday, June 25, 2010

Obama Fires McChystal: Should You Trash Your Boss?

You're in no danger of being followed by a reporter. So is it safe for you to trash you boss?


QuestionAuthority said...

No. The walls have ears these days. I wouldn't do it.

Film Co. Lawyer said...

Here's a provocative question: what if you learn that your boss is scamming the general public? I had to leave a job recently b/c of reading that mine had defrauded people & I was hired in my capacity as an attorney.

A big thing to know about working as an attorney or simply being one: you're subject to ethical rules ALL the time. Not telling people you directly dealt w/in the capacity of work can get you disbarred or suspended from practice. I had to warn potential investors I'd dealt with in a second "scam artist" job b/c if I didn't, I could get disbarred & be ruined in my industry. This was despite the guy having the ability & A-list connections to create a legitimate entertainment business. Not warning someone in that case also makes me look like a participant in that scheme.

So I think when you have a boss who is listed as a defendant in state court records and may be breaking the law, you'd better speak up & get out of that situation ASAP. Especially if you could lose a professional license or be guilty of a crime if you didn't.

So I think there should be a caveat: unless you have direct knowledge that your boss is breaking the law & you could get in trouble for it. It's unethical for an attorney employee to make a con artist look good.