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Friday, November 04, 2011

Why employers settle sexual harassment claims

Herman Cain's employer quietly settled sexual misconduct complaints, but does that mean he was guilty?

To find out why employers settle sexual harassment claims, click on the link.

This will take you to CBS Money Watch, which is where I reside after they shut down BNET. Supposedly, I will have my own page in the near future, but right now I'm mixed in with Leadership.


Rodolphe Mortreuil said...

Ykes. Their site is amazingly slow.
Or maybe it's just that they were unprepared for the increased traffic your joining them has generated.

Rodolphe Mortreuil said...

Plus, I can't even see your post at all.
Not the greatest start, I'm sure it'll get ironed out soon.

Suzanne Lucas said...

Yeah, there are problems. I hope they get them ironed out because it's driving me nuts.

Another Evil HR Director said...

I found it, no problem; and the site wasn't slow, either.

Thanks again for another good article.

Suzanne Lucas said...

Yeah! I'm glad it's functioning for you.

Transitions to new sites are always complicated. I'm sure they'll figure it out.

Anonymous said...

After reading that article -- to me it says he probably did harass someone and he was high level and valuable enough to his employers they didn't want to fire him/risk the publicity and/or the National Restaurant Association has some deep deep pockets. You're not going to throw money at settling a frivolous lawsuit that you can get dismissed at the get-go. Once, yes. Twice, no. Who has 80K to shell out to settle two sexual harassment suits? Assuming he made 250K they just shelled out a third of his salary to settle.

Suzanne Lucas said...

Understand, Anonymous, that 80k to settle is a lot, lot, lot cheaper than fighting two lawsuits.

If you go to court, you can count on spending at least 50k per suit, so at minimum, they saved $20k by settling. More likely, they saved $300k by settling, plus they avoided news coverage (at the time).

I can honestly say that that the evidence of settlement money does not indicate guilt.

I have no opinion on Cain, directly. I have no idea what happened there.

Corey Feldman said...

A couple settlements under 10K each, I wouldn't bat an eye either and would assume it was nuisance. I have no inside information. I don't pretend to actually know what happened. I don't know much about their in house counsel, their employment practice insurance or deductible - but the settlement figures don't sound like nuisance settlements to me. That doesn't mean that there was harassment or even an issue with Cain himself, but I'd make wager there is something fishy and more to the story

Teri said...

I like this column. I hate the assumption that just because there is an accusation that the accused is guilty. Not fair. Impossible to prove a negative, especially 10+ years later.

BTW, I can't find comments at CBSM. Does that mean that there aren't any or are they just hidden somewhere stupid?

Suzanne Lucas said...


There are comments. The link is at the top of the article. They layout is so cluttered over there (boy, i'm going to get myself fired) it's hard to see.

No one is making comments over there, and I think it's because of super bad layout.