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Friday, December 29, 2006

Why I Hate Recruiters, Part 2

I received the following e-mail at my Evil HR Lady e-mail.
Dear Hiring Authority,

My name is [SPAMMER] and I am a Recruiter in Boston. I have several strong candidates who would be a great fit for your posted Administrative position and I would love to share their resumes with you.

Each has been pre-screened for communication, presentation and Computer Software skills and all are wonderful!

Because I represent a full service agency, please let me know of any other roles where my services would be of value.

I look forward to the possibility of partnering with your company in helping you with all of your hiring needs. Thank you!

Career Consultant
[Headhunting Firm]

So, I responded:


If you even bothered to read my blog, you would know I don't recruit, so therefore I have no admin positions available. I will, however, be blogging about this.

Happy New Year

Evil HR Lady

Well, I guess I put the evil in my name because I received a prompt response:
Dear Evil HR Lady,

I did just check out your blog and you are quite funny and creative...but I must ask...Why are you so evil? My apologies for including you in my mailing to HR professionals. It will never happen again-I promise. Please don't be too evil to this little recruiter...I'm feeling a little scared knowing that I crossed you. Have a wonderful New Year...may it be filled with many more funny and interesting stories to blog about.

Warmest Regards,

Not Evil Yet Career Consultant :)
[Headhunting Firm]

Ahh, she redeemed herself. A very prompt apology--plus she said the magic words (that I am funny and creative, of course). Now, she just needs to read my blog every day and share it with all her co-workers and friends. And then, get SHRM to advertise on my site. Or better yet, find me a job that requires me to do nothing more than blog about HR that pays fabulously well. (I don't, by the way, need benefits, so that opens up a whole range of jobs for me!)

Finding the right person for a job is very, very hard work. And if she truly has qualified administrative people, that would make her valuable--if I were a recruiter, which I'm not. (Or, if by chance I were looking for a new admin for me, which I'm not, although I wish I were, which should probably be its own post.)

Our Spamming recruiter friend almost found something out the hard way--you need to know who you are contacting before contacting them. I absolutely wouldn't have minded if she'd sent an e-mail to me saying, "Dear Evil HR Lady, I've read your blog (and you're really funny), and wanted to introduce myself. I'm a recruiter who specializes in administrative support blah, blah, blah. If you know anyone who is looking for quality blah blah blah," I wouldn't have felt a strong desire to blog about it. The most important aspect of that letter would have been that she would have addressed it to ME. As it was I could tell I was blind copied which generally means she's sent it to every e-mail address she could possibly find.

And now, since I am only evil because I am in HR, I won't mention her name or her company. But other bloggers are not so nice. So, if you are going to send out mass e-mails, realize that once something hits cyberspace, you've lost control of it.


C.M Russell said...

Great post! You have officially been added to the recruiting blogosphere. Go to to see.

You've picked a very memorable name to blog.

Karen said...

I love stories about the recruiters that give us all a bad name!

Thanks for being entertaining and informative all at the same time.

Evil HR Lady said...

Thanks c.m. russell and karen. And I do like most recruiters--just not the bad ones.