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Tuesday, February 20, 2007

I Wonder What He Would Have Done if the Car Was a Lexus?

Kidnapping faked to avoid wife's wrath.
SAN RAFAEL, California -- A man who allegedly faked his own kidnapping to keep his wife from finding out he crashed her new car could face criminal charges, police said.

Police said the 35-year-old man told them two kidnappers held him up Saturday and ordered him to drive to Santa Rosa, where he crashed the car into a wall to escape.

The man was actually heading to a casino when he crashed his wife's 2007 Ford Focus.

Absolutely nothing to do with HR or business, but I just had to share.


Anonymous said...

I wonder if he was faking the kidnapping to hide the crash or hide the trip to the casino.

Evil HR Lady said...

Good point.

she said: said...

Isn't that something you do as a teenager to avoid getting in trouble by your parents?

Where has all the male backbone gone anyway?

Evil HR Lady said...

Heh--he probably gave up his backbone when he had to drive a Ford Focus.

Anonymous said...

How unbelievably idiotic -- they had actually bought a lousy Ford Focus???