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Thursday, April 19, 2007

Carnival of Human Resources #5

Welcome to the 5th Carnival of Human Resources. Word has gotten out about our thrilling rides and freak show! We welcome all HR, Business, Training and related blog posts. The next Carnival will be May 2 and will be hosted by Susan Heathfield at About Human Resources.

Send your submissions directly to her (humanresources dot guide at about dot com) and put “Carnival” in the subject so she doesn’t miss it. One submission per blogger please.

First up is The New Business World with Tips for Preventing Workplace Violence. Unfortunately, this is something we all need.

Deb Owens at 8 Hours & a Lunch writes about the importance of knowing your business in Being There. It’s amazing how things change when you understand what is going on.

Rowan Manahan at Fortify Your Oasis tells us about a Corporate Creed/Mission Statement/Value Statement and in so doing humorously warns us about misplaced creed priorities.

Life Coach Hueina Su at Intensive Care for the Nuturer’s Soul gives us 7 Keys to Avoid Burnout. Our jobs are just one part of our—and our employees—lives.

Charles H. Green at Trusted Advisor takes us over to the animal pavilion with The Sacred Cow of Retention. “Lets take on a sacred cow. Or at least a venerated goat.” Heh.

Jack Yoest at Reasoned Audacity talks about Looking for a Job With Tattoos. That is, he does not have a tattoo, nor does a job he’s offering have one, but you may not get one (a job, that is) if you do (have a tattoo). Or at least the job you want.

Wally Bock at Three Star Leadership talks (surprisingly!) about Leadership Can be Learned—but Not in the Classroom. Well, that is not great news for those of us who aspire to teach leadership with a power point presentation.

And on the leadership theme, Susan M. Heathfield at About: Human Resources, tells us about Delegation as a Leadership Style. An excellent approach to leadership, which is why I have delegated the next Carnival to her.

Wayne Turmel at Management Issues confesses that after taking every personality known to mankind that he is an ENFP-Lion-Otter-Hybrid. At least he is secure in knowing that he at least has a personality. I’ve met a few people without them.

Gautam Ghosh at A Management Consultant’s Blog tells us that SHRM Has Come Calling in India. Cool.

Carmen Van Kerckhove at Race in the Workplace writes about a conversation that was just wrong in As All American as Apple Pie. Mmm, pie.

Apu at Cubically Challenged reminds us about the Cost of Order Servicing. Everything seems to have its costs and we would be wise to remember that.

Finally, the Evil HR Lady speaks about severance costs at Why Severance. Some days, I’d really like to take a package.

I hope you enjoyed this installment of the HR Carnival. See you next time at Susan's!


apu said...

Great compilation ! I liked particularly the Charles Green's piece on retention, and Hueina Su's on a work-life balance. And ofcourse, thank you for featuring me !

Hueina Su said...

Great collection of articles! Thank you for including me in your carnival. I've just linked back.

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