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Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Recruiting Made Easy

Well, recruiting is rarely easy, but wouldn't it be easier if you could offer a $4.2 million condo along with the salary and benefits? Oh, and a mortgage buy down along with it.

Tax Prof Blog reports on how NYU did just that to lure a Columbia professor away.

Just increase your recruiting budget by a little bit and you too can do this!


Ask a Manager said...

I've tagged you! Rules are right here.

Ms Bart said...

Gosh, I've worked in academia, but never got so much as a free soda. (I was an IT manager. That could be the problem.) New Years Resolution - find a job that'll pay half my mortgage!

Jackie Cameron said...

This does seem excessive though - having worked in the international mobility industry for a while I was regularly amazed at how much money would be thrown behind getting the "right person" which I am sure led to some very interesting "absolute requirements" in the package!


Evil HR Lady said...

This is definitely different then the academia I'm familiar with as well. I was in a PhD program, but left after I completed my master's degree. When my colleagues who had stayed, were awarded their degrees, they all had tenure track jobs awaiting for them.

(Rare for a political science program, but I would only drop out of the best!)

At the time I was hiring a Jr. HR Analyst to work for me--an entry level, straight out of college job. The starting salary I was offering for my jr. analyst job was less then the salary for their tenure track college professor jobs.