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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Are Some Women Too Delicate for the Workplace?

Ladies, your employer is not responsible for making sure your commute is free from evil construction workers who whistle at you. Here are some other things they aren't responsible for:

Are Some Women Too Delicate for the Workplace?


Mike C. said...

Way to go after the low hanging fruit there, Ms. Lucas. Is this a problem that you encounter on a regular basis or did you just feel like beating up on a strawman?

Rosie1925 said...

Finally! I watch women get in a tizzy over the stupidest things, and I wonder how they successfully managed to leave Daddy's/Hubby's protection.

windy city girl said...

So, the gist, is "Dear women who get harassed, suck it up and deal?" Have I got that right? In what way is this advice new?

Suzanne Lucas said...

Windy city girl, No, the advice is stop whining about it, expecting other people to solve your problems and demanding other people treat you with kid gloves.

You don't have to put up with harassment. I certainly don't. I also don't expect my employer to protect me on the way to work or my university to destroy the fraternity buildings.