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Monday, May 02, 2011

5 Signs That You're the Problem

You have bad luck. You keep getting fired, you never get the good projects, or you have really warped coworkers. Or maybe–just maybe–it’s not them, it’s you. Here are 5 ways to tell if you’re the problem.

5 Signs That You're the Problem


Employee Database said...

You better have an attitude check, otherwise, you will not last long in any job.

gbrown said...

One way to examine your own attitude is to get feedback on how you talk to other people. Watch what they say back to you -- and watch their facial expressions too. There's a new "conversation rehearsal" website ( which lets employees rehearse conversations and get online feedback on their mistakes. Might be a painless, anonymous way to face up to how your attitude comes across in real face-to-face conversations!