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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

6 Ways to Manage Sideways

What is the most important relationship at the office? It just might be with your peers. Here are 6 ways to manage these sideways relationships and get ahead doing it.

6 Ways to Manage Sideways


Class factotum said...

Also. When you write an email to thank someone for their help and great work, copy his boss. If you send a hard copy, which is even better than an email because someone can pin that handwritten note to her bulletin board, make a photocopy for the boss.

Dispense brownies freely. This is particularly effective with IT guys.

Suzanne Lucas said...

Excellent points. cc-ing the boss is good and brownies also work to soften evil hr hearts.

Mike C. said...

But knowing who's having affairs is valuable information!

But seriously, this advice goes for folks at all levels. Many look down on receptionists or maintenance folks, but I can't tell you how many times I've been helped when I needed information or got a heads up from someone unexpected or needed something fixed/replaced *right now*.

That, and they tend to be rather cool people.

It's the golden rule at work, and I'll take that kind of environment over the cut-throat shark-infested business malarkey that others seem to aspire to. Spend more time helping and less time stabbing each other in the back and everyone succeeds.

Anonymous said...

I agree the golden rule should apply in the office, especially small offices.

I have yet to see a president not respect the person taking out their trash and I don't believe I would want to work for someone who couldn't.

Brownies, cookies, and even root beer bottles go a long way in the office...doesn't cost much to make other happy with the little things.