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Thursday, June 02, 2011

How to Write a Resume that Gets the Interview

Remember way back when, when I solicited resumes for review? Well, I finally have it reviewed and up! (The reason for the delay was BNET had never done something like this before and it took some new technical skills. The programmer did a great job!)

The best comments on the resume come from Alison Green at Ask a Manager, so hope over to BNET and take a look.

How to Write a Resume that Gets the Interview


sewa mobil said...

Nice article, thanks for the information.

Tony said...

Resumes should be self promotional and should impress employer

Sara said...

I think a tailored resume really does the trick, making sure it covers all of the key words in the job description. This is especially important if the company is using recruitment software - as it may be a computer programme deciding who comes in for interview rather than a person!

Paul said...

I think the best resumes are the ones that sell in the first paragraph. Its what hits the reader first and is the opportunity for the career seeker to show off their achievements. But as someone said earlier.. its also very important to put all your skills in the document so that its matched by recruitment software.